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        Keyboards of the Wilson Collection, is a recording of the impeccably restored historical harpsichords and pianos owned by Charles West Wilson of Red Lion, PA. These original instruments: a bentside spinet, an early small piano, two large harpsichords, and grand piano, were all made in England from 1734 to 1808. Music appropriate to each instrument was chosen to demonstrate the variety of sounds and styles spanning the period. The recording also features a stunning dialog between a 1791 Kirkman harpsichord and an 1808 Broadwood piano in Johann Ludwig Krebs – Concerto in A-minor for Two Keyboards. (May 2009)

The following project is in progress:

        A Renaissance Christmas in Germany features vocal and instrumental music from the 16th and 17th centuries. Some of the greatest and most joyous music celebrating the Christmas season comes from the German heritage. From the solemn penitential introspective Advent to the joyful exuberance of the Nativity celebration, capturing the essence of the spirit of the season seems a special province of the German Composers. In addition to ‘a capella pieces, the vocal ensemble is accompanied by a wind band consisting of cornetti, lyzzard, rackett, kortholts, krumhorns, and recorders.